What if pey pey gets pregnant without your knowledge?

That won’t happen, I’ll ensure it. She’s only going to have one more child anyway.

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Gosh, hold on. Parents' divorce is always such a stress, but you're still not alone, hugs to you <3

Thanks so much <3

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:( *hugs* If you need somewhere to vent, my inbox is open.

Thank you :)

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I could really do with a hug from my sister in person right now :/

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Decided to do some laid-back Sims 4 gameplay to keep my mind off everything. So far, not working.

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And remember, if you really feel that he is like a dad to you, you can always keep in contact with him. :) You shouldn't abandon a person you like. It will be awkward at one point but we newer have too many friends.

I really hope so :) he never had kids so he’d treated me like I was his own.

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Thanks <3

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I'm so sorry about what's happening in your life right now *hug* I can only hope everything will be good!

Thank you ❤️ it was such a shock to find out.

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